A message from the Director of Development and Marketing

Hello Friends,

Needless to say, the challenges brought on in 2020 were no stranger to us at DAWS. With the unknown looming day after day, plans for our new home came to a halt. What never came to a halt…living up to our mission by rescuing and placing as many animals in loving homes while providing for local pet owners in need of assistance. It was a record-breaking year on many fronts.

Our dedicated team and volunteers show up daily – as does the leaky roof, hard to maintain temperatures, kennels in disrepair and more. We are not out of the woods! Our team is as dedicated as ever before, smiling under those masks and following all safety protocols. As this national week of recognition comes to a close, we celebrate our volunteers, not just now, but every day. We hope you’ll take a moment to see firsthand why your support is critical to building A New Place for DAWS!

Please reach out to learn more, share ideas, or to discuss naming and sponsorship opportunities. It would be a pleasure to meet with you, whether virtually or safely in person. If you made an initial contribution, we are so grateful. If you would like to make a gift online in support of our $2 Million Capital Campaign, you may do so here, or by reaching out to me directly.

We promise to stay in touch as progress is made and as we move ahead within each phase. Until our next update – stay safe, be well, and thank you for the love and compassion your continued support will provide to animals in need for years to come.

With appreciation,


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